A Warm Eagle Welcome

The Neighbor 2 Neighbor Committee rolls out the red carpet for new residents and business owners in Eagle.

Encouraging Community

n2nCreating welcome gifts full of local coupons, products and business information, committee members go door-to-door to give our new neighbors a friendly Eagle welcome, answer questions and share advice about integrating in the community. Ultimately, the vision of the N2N Committee is that when people move to Eagle they will feel a “warm welcome” upon arrival, that they will want to build a life in our valley, and they can more easily find the resources to do so.

Inspiring Business Growth

Eagle has an active business community, and we want to help businesses establish local spending habits. One of the best ways to do that is to let our very own residents know what you have to offer! Participation in our N2N program allows businesses to sow those seeds early and continue to grow customer loyalty.

Since 2016, we have delivered more than 50 welcome gifts annually to new Eagle homeowners.  If you know of a newcomer to Eagle, if you are interested in meeting your neighbors around town, or including your business in our welcome gifts, please send an email to N2NEagle@gmail.com and ask how you can get involved.