Screaming Eagle Student Scholarships

The 2021 Screaming Eagle Scholarship is now open and taking applications until April 2, 2021.

The Screaming Eagle Scholarship is sponsored by the Eagle Chamber of Commerce and is a commitment to the Eagle County Business Community by awarding two scholarships to local high school students or current college students under the age of 22 who will be attending an accredited 4 year university /college or a 2 year vocational program.  

The scholarship awards are $1,000 per year for either a) Four (4) years for university/college or b) Two (2) years for a vocation program.

Additional conditions apply and will be provided to recipients at the time of their award.

Scholarship Mission

To provide a deserving student with a true desire to return to Eagle County after higher education to contribute to apply life and educational lessons to the business community of Eagle County.  The impact will be felt not only by individual students, but by the individuals and business contributing financially the future of the Scholarship.

Scholarship Process, Policies & Criteria

  1. Process
    1. The scholarship is available to students who attend Eagle County School District and who are employed by Eagle Chamber members or who are an immediate relative of an Eagle Chamber member.
    2. The Screaming Eagle Selection Committee will review applications and conduct interviews through May 21, 2021
    3. Applicants will apply directly to the Screaming Eagle Scholarship Committee through the Eagle Chamber of Commerce application process, which can be accessed at the following link:
    4. Recipients will be informed directly from The Screaming Eagle Scholarship Committee and presented their award at their respective schools ceremonies.
  2. Student Selection Criteria
    1. The Screaming Eagle Scholarship considers students that show a pattern of high academic effort, extracurricular activity, community service, and a desire to return to Eagle County in some capacity to contribute to the business community.  
    2. Grade point average and courses taken will be considered, but a consideration will be given to those students that have shown an passion for a particular field or topic and dedicated considerable effort toward that passion.  Team sports, clubs, and academic organizations will be considered, but non-scholastic achievements evidencing a commitment to excellence and service will also be considered.
    3. Most importantly, will be the student’s commitment to the Eagle community. Although there will be no post education requirement of such, a compelling argument must be given of how the student plans to take the education and skills earned and apply them towards a career or contribution to the Eagle Business Community.  This a broad qualification, but will be given strong emphasis in the selection process.

More Information

  1. For more information, please contact Kyle Hoiland (Committee Chair) at 970.390.4208 or by email at:
  2. To apply for this scholarship, please go to the application at:

This year’s recipients will be contacted by the Committee the week of May 23, 2021 and informed of the next steps to utilize the scholarship funds.