Keep Your Money Where Your Home Is

Vibrant Communities. More Local Jobs. Prosperity for All.

We are advocates of healthy growth. Healthy growth will bring more dollars into our economy. Economic Vitality will make quality of life in Eagle even better. It will bring more diversity in housing, more quality employees for our businesses, more businesses creating more jobs, more restaurants, etc., with more localsĀ spending more of their dollars here, supporting a vibrant economy.

Our vision is a local economy that is vibrant, sustainable and resilient; one that celebrates diverse cultures. Studies and research have shown that the best and most direct way to achieve this vision is to proactively support local businesses.

Healthy growth takes careful management and time. Meanwhile supporting our existing small, local businesses is vital. How are we doing?

According to most small business owners in Eagle, the answer is “not very well”! Most are just surviving, certainly not thriving.

Keeping our dollars circulating here is an investment in local job creation and preserving a healthy, diverse and prosperous community. However, too many of our dollars are benefiting other, non-local businesses, rather than our own.

#LocalFirst (yes, it’s a hashtag!) is a new program we will launch in 2020 with 3 elements:

    • Think Local
    • Buy Local
    • Be Local

Before we launch, we are working to understand the issues and the opportunities. Hence our Local First Consumer Survey.