Leads Groups

The Eagle Chamber of Commerce hosts two monthly Leads Groups. The goal of our Leads Group is to share leads to generate business for its participants by developing trusted relationships through networking. Individuals from non-competing businesses meet once a month in a formal one-hour meeting to network, share leads and referrals, as well as sales ideas and professional advice.

Members are encouraged to meet outside of the monthly meetings to help grow their relationships and better understanding of each other’s businesses. We know and understand that “people do business with people they know and trust!”

Each meeting the group members share, in 2 minutes, the foundation of their business, to help the group give them well-qualified leads. Every month 1 member gives a 10-15 minute presentation to delve deeper into their products or services. Each meeting ends with an update on the Eagle Chamber of Commerce’s news and events.

Occasional, informal after-hours functions bring together all Leads Group members to help deepen relationships and increase the benefits of group membership.

Who participates in a Leads Group?

Each group is made up members from different industries in the community. There are no similar business industries in any group, making sure there are no conflicts of interest. All industries are welcome!

Leads Groups are available to Eagle Chamber Advantage Level members and above.

What is the time commitment?

Each of our two Leads Groups meets once a month (Thursday mornings) for one hour at the Colorado Workspace Community Room in the Boneyard.  Additional social events are outside of this time frame, but are always optional.

Tips to help make the Leads Group beneficial for you

1. Be Consistent!  Consistency pays off, both for you and the group. Make it a priority to attend every meeting each month. This shows your dedication and dependability to other group members; they need to feel you’ll take care of the referral they’re giving you!

2. Be Patient!  Like most prospecting tools, leads groups take time to develop and to produce results. If you expect to receive a lot of leads (and sales) immediately you may be disappointed. It takes time for other members to get a good feel for you and your business – and to build that trust. Try to keep focus on your long-term results and MOST IMPORTANTLY read #3!

3. Give Referrals: as many referrals as you can!  As a general rule, the more referrals you give, the more referrals you will get. Make it a point to listen to family, friends, colleagues and clients for their needs and how to match those needs with someone in your Leads Group.  The more referrals you give to others will put you on their radar to provide leads to you!  Remember “you must give in order to receive”. It’s a win-win proposition.

How join a Leads Group?

Contact Michelle Friedman by email or at (970) 376-3205‬.