Business Advocacy Council


The Eagle Chamber of Commerce is committed to helping our members grow their businesses; protect their bottom line; improve employee recruitment; deliver higher profits, simpler regulations, business friendly policy, lower fees, less red tape; and to contribute to the economic vitality of our world class mountain town.

In 2017 we launched a new initiative to raise the bar on this commitment: The Eagle Chamber of Commerce’s Business Advocacy Council (the Council).

This initiative helps our town and county governments establish policy and make decisions that support healthy growth, economic vitality and help local businesses thrive.


The Council operates as a close affiliate of the Eagle Chamber of Commerce, under guidance from, and with priorities set by, the Eagle Chamber of Commerce Board; it will support achievement of the Chamber’s Vision and implementation of our Mission, while maintaining our Values.

The Mission of the Council is to be a valued partner to all businesses and governmental agencies in Eagle, leveraged by business owners, consulted by public decision and policy makers, and known by the business community as a key contributor to their existing and future successes and to the Town of Eagle becoming the most vibrant mountain business community in Colorado.

Stan Kensinger, BAC Chairman

The Council’s Vision is to be a collaborative resource and support group to existing and new business owners and to local government, educating the public and garnering support for issues, policies, projects and ideas that improve Eagle’s business community and economy.

Some of the current topics being addressed by the Council are:

  1. Economic Development
  2. Small Business Consulting
  3. Rewrite of Comprehensive Community Area Plan (ToE)
  4. Rewrite of Land Use Code and Zoning Guidelines (ToE)
  5. Review of existing development procedures (ToE)
  6. Review of new development projects
  7. Broadway Street Revitalization (including Arts District)
  8. Highway 6 Corridor Study


The Council includes voting members from diverse backgrounds (some of Eagle’s brightest and best):

Stan Kensinger, Chairman
Stacy Barton Mike Block Kat Conner
Chris Fedrizzi Chris Gallegos Clark Gundlach
Chuck Hair Jeff Kennedy Al Musser
Tara Novak Yvonne Schwartz Steve Tarrant

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