In our first edition of this new publication, I shared my perspective and I issued a challenge: let’s actively help other people love it here too; let’s help them thrive here, not just survive here. That’s a great way to show our gratitude for being able to live and thrive here, and it’s a way to pay it forward.

I also introduced our Business Advocacy Council, which is now launched and building up a head of steam.

Mick Daly, President, Eagle Chamber of Commerce

Business Advocacy Council

The Eagle Chamber of Commerce is pleased to confirm the formation of the “Business Advocacy Council” as a subcommittee of the Eagle Chamber of Commerce.

Stan Kensinger and Levi Rozga have been named the Co-Chairs of the council.

The mission of the Council is to be a valued partner to all businesses and governmental agencies in Eagle, leveraged by business owners, consulted by public decision and policy makers, and known by the business community as a key contributor to their existing and future successes and to the Town of Eagle becoming the most vibrant mountain business community in Colorado.

The vision is to become a collaborative resource and support group to existing and new business owners and to local government, educating the public and garnering support for issues, projects and ideas that improve Eagle’s business community and economy.

Actively supporting the town’s Strategic Plan is one of the priorities for the Council. Some other current topics being addressed by the Council are:

Eagle’s Strategic Plan

The Town of Eagle has formally adopted a 5-year Strategic Plan. It establishes a common language with strategies and standards designed to ensure a bright future for Eagle. This plan will provide a blueprint for healthy growth and ways to efficiently manage the challenges that come with it.

Eagle’s goal is to become a stand-out community by creating its own standards. It’s estimated that the town will reach its ‘build-out’ in fifteen/twenty years, but the town wants to address growth issues long before it reaches build-out.

The Strategic Plan developed by town staff and the Board of Trustees with the guidance of John Ruetten, Resource Trends, Inc. Ruetten has extensive experience in assisting governmental entities and public utilities in developing their strategic plans.

The Strategic Plan has these 14 major business objectives:

  1. Develop a Long-Term Vision for Eagle
  2. Enhance the Financial Health of the Town
  3. Build Lower Basin Water Treatment Plant, Enhance Water Management
  4. Develop River Park Project, Maximize Economic Benefits
  5. Stimulate Economic Vitality, Development
  6. Invest in Public Safety to Respond to Evolving Community Needs
  7. Implement Priority Infrastructure Improvements
  8. Improve Housing Availability and Affordability
  9. Continue Investing in Outdoor Activities, Recreation, and Open Space
  10. Address Essential Planning and Land-Use Challenges
  11. Enhance the Town’s Communications, Build Eagle’s Brand
  12. Initiate and Maintain a Community Building Effort
  13. Improve Town Organization, Culture, and Workforce Effectiveness
  14. Consider Implementing Home Rule

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Eagle Business Roundup – Recap 

Sometimes less is better!  So say the exhibitors and attendees at the 3rd Annual Eagle Business Roundup, presented by Batsons Corner | Eagle Pharmacy. By limiting exhibitors to a maximum of 30, there was greater interaction between exhibitors and attendees, which was favored by all.

The unfavorable weather meant having to move the exhibitors that had reserved a patio location inside, but the follow-up survey confirmed that exhibitors preferred having everyone in the same space.

The winner of the Yeti Cooler, donated by Alpine Lumber Company, was Taun Saunders, Circle-A Auto Repair.  The N2N Cooler with $500 worth of gift cards or certificates to local businesses was Karen Diaz of Community Banks of Colorado’s Avon office.

Many exhibitors presented door prizes and everyone was treated to a taco station prepared by the Dusty Boot Roadhouse, beer provided by Bonfire Brewing and live music.


The 4th Annual Eagle Business Roundup: Thursday, September 20, 2018.  Businesses should register by mid-August 2018 to secure exhibitor space.