Most of us should have found our Official Ballot in our PO Box by this point.  And hopefully, you feel excited about the opportunity to weigh in on the issues that shape the future of our community.  As always, there are a number of issues on the ballot that are important.  However, this election includes one issue that the Eagle Chamber’s Business Advocacy Council (BAC) would like to draw to your attention, as we feel it has a direct impact on the future economic vitality of our town.

Ballot Questions 1B and 2C ask the voters of Eagle County and the Town of Eagle if they would like to give back to the County and the Town the authority to provide directly (or indirectly through partnerships) high speed internet and related services.

The BAC would like you to strongly consider voting “yes” on these issues to increase the competitiveness of our existing businesses, allow Eagle to better compete for future economic activity, and provide a higher quality of life for all of our residents.

Increasingly, almost every aspect of a business is enhanced with web based services.  From banking and accounting, to advertising and direct sales, the internet could likely be the most important piece of infrastructure to any local business.  Without reliable, high speed internet, our businesses simply cannot reach their productive potential.

Similarly, as entrepreneurs and business owners research where they will be blessing the next community with their products, services, jobs, and tax dollars, the reliability of this utility is almost always on the top of that list.  The need to diversify our economic base was made abundantly clear by the last recession, and our ability to attract that diversity to Eagle requires high speed internet.

It’s important to understand that voting yes for these measures is not approving a tax increase, and will not immediately initiate a project that will solve our current internet woes.  However, it will lift the improper restrictions that currently prohibit our governments from discussing, partnering, collaborating and transforming our high speed internet infrastructure.

Please join us by voting “yes” on 1B and 2C.  More information on this topic can be found in this Vail Daily article.

The Eagle Chamber Business Advocacy Council welcomes your comments: