The Eagle Chamber is not here to tell you how to vote (we each have our own opinions), but to encourage you TO vote, and to make an educated decision!

As much as we are all focused on ‘the big one’, there’s more to vote on than the Presidential Election: both local and State ballot issues and questions. Several directly or indirectly impact our future business and economic climate, so allow us to highlight them.

Below you will find more information on each of the key questions and issues; where possible we present both cases FOR and AGAINST – in most cases we could not find any opposite views expressed. In all instances, we leave it to your own good judgement!

More from the Eagle County Website:

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Eagle County Ballot Questions

Ballot Issue 1A: Affordable Workforce Housing
Issue 1A outlines a multi-pronged strategy for the creation of new affordable homes in towns and communities throughout Eagle County.

Ballot Issues 3A & 3B: Eagle County Schools Funding
Issues 3A and 3B propose a Mill Levy and a Bond Issue to fund teacher salaries, education materials and needed improvements to aging school buildings and other infrastructure.

Colorado State Ballot Initiatives:

Amendment 69: Colorado Care:
69 proposes to amend the Colorado constitution to set up, fund, and operate a single payer health care system. Providing every Colorado resident with healthcare, by increasing taxes by $25 billion in taxes, with a 10% (2/3 employer, 1/3 employee) payroll tax on all Colorado residents.

Amendment 71: Raise the Bar Colorado
71 proposes to make the process of amending the constitution more difficult by requiring a more expansive geographic distribution of those signing petitions to put such a measure on the ballot — and then requiring 55 percent of voters to approve it instead of a simple majority. Specifically, signatures would have to be collected from each of the state’s 35 senate districts in numbers equal to at least 2 percent of the registered voters in each district.