Want to increase your visibility, exposure, even stature in Eagle and our valley? Here’s how you can do that by exploiting our new benefits for 2016: 

  1. MONTHLY DUES PAYMENT: all Members can pay monthly enabling many to upgrade and receive more benefits. Click for more details.
  1. FREE ADVERTISING IN OUR EXPLOREEAGLE APP: gives our Business Plus Membership levels and higher visibility on two iPads at the airport and one at the Eagle Visitor Center, plus iPhones and iPads everywhere. Click for more details (see our kiosk below).
  1. DISCOUNTED ADVERTISING AT THE AIRPORT: previously $500 per year for each image on the lower of two TV monitors at our kiosk next to baggage claim, we now offer (click for more details):
Membership Level Annual Dues Per image (max 4) Total for 1 image
2015 rate * $500 $725 – $2000
2016 Business $225 $400 $625
2016 Business Plus $350 $300 $650
2016 Charter $600 $200 $800
2016 Executive $1500 $100 $1,600
  1. SPECIAL BENEFITS offered to Business Plus, Charter and Executive Members:

Special member benefits

Please contact Mary Ann Morrison or Mick Daly for more information.