Those of us privileged to live in Eagle know it’s a great place to live – that’s why we live here. It’s also why most of us chose to live here, because the vast majority of us weren’t born here, we moved here…. by choice. What’s more, Eagle is fast becoming recognized as a mountain bike and outdoor adventure destination.

Now the HomeSnacks* folks have done some analysis and, not surprisingly, they agree with us: Eagle is in the top 10 most livable towns in Colorado.

After analyzing all 103 cities with a population over 5,000, they ranked these as the top 10 in Colorado:

  1. 1. Stonegate
  2. 2. Columbineshowdowntown
  3. 3. Highlands Ranch
  4. 4. Castle Pines
  5. 5. Louisville
  6. 6. Superior
  7. 7. Ken Caryl
  8. 8. Erie
  9. 9. Parker
  10. 10. Eagle

Using statistical data, they’ve figured out the cities in Colorado where crime is low, the schools are great, and the economies are booming – the kind of places where most people would want to live.  Eagle is easily the smallest town in this list, but what else might HomeSnacks have added to their criteria? Entrepreneur-friendly factors.

Eagle has many attractions for entrepreneurs:

  • The close proximity of Eagle Country Regional Airport (EGE).
  • The nearness of the I-70 east-west corridor.
  • High speed broadband (up to 100mb common and 1gb just being introduced).
  • Young population, with many entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Three additional factors make Eagle stand out for the innovative among us:

1. Our vibe. Our environment nurtures creativity and puts us in the frame of mind to innovate, explore, and imagine. Can you do that somewhere else? Probably; but it won’t come as easily or as naturally as it does for us in Eagle.

2. Our conversations. If you can meet someone for coffee (at Yeti’s Grind or Red Canyon) or lunch (at Grand Ave or Nozawa’s), the chances you’ll have a meaningful exchange are far greater than a chat by phone or even Skype or Facetime.

3. Our connections. When people congregate, it’s easier to make personal connections. If you live in the right community – like Eagle – it’s easy to find new people relevant to your work and your network.

In Eagle we easily get into the right frame of mind, while getting to know a growing number of people who can help us realize our goals—that’s what moving to Eagle has done for a growing number of us.  We may be small, but our vibe, our conversations and our connections are working for us. Because of this, the Eagle Chamber of Commerce is exploring ways to open a CoWorking facility here.

Thank you HomeSnacks for making it official – Eagle IS a most livable town. But it’s also a most entrepreneurial town!

* HomeSnacks’ goal is to “combine recent data, fun videos, and thoughts about local culture into bite-sized snacks of shareable information.” They “try to paint a picture of what’s happening in a region based on “Saturday Night Science” — how you’d argue at a bar. They gather data from around the web to help determine a wide array of factors about where you live, things like safety, desirability, and culture.”