Phew! It wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be. Working with Trent and Kristen at BlizzardPress, we just launched the new website. Take a look!

It features a comprehensive event calendar, trail maps, blog and more. While the original site was incredibly state-of-the art when it debuted several years ago, new strategies, new technology and an extensive photo library developed over the past few years have prompted a complete overhaul.

In case you’re interested, here were some of the driving forces behind the changes and updates to the new site:

  • Photography! We’ve developed quite an impressive photo library over the past few years. We’ve worked with several amazing local photographers, including Jeff Cricco, Scott McClarrinon, Linda Guerrette, David Watson and Sean Boggs to amass an impressive library. Plus, we get to use all the images the photographer shot for the Sunset Magazine story.
  • The event calendar is getting bigger and better and the events widget on the new site allows for greater detail and showcases the photography much better than the previous site.
  • The photo navigation on the previous site was truly cutting edge when Lachie Thomas developed it several years ago. Now, with video so readily available and trail-specific sites like Mountain Bike Eagle and MTB Project, it makes more sense financially and logistically to link to those sites for trail details. MTB Project alone has over 500,000 followers, so tapping into those avid trail users is a solid marketing strategy for us. Luckily, the Town of Eagle keeps investing in more trails, and I just don’t have the budget to create maps and photo navigation for all the fun new stuff.
  • Updating the new site is a breeze. If you see something that needs correcting, please let me know.
  • Social media. Eagle Outside is on Facebook, Twitter (@eagleoutside) Instagram (#eagleoutside) The new site seamlessly integrates these posts onto various pages throughout the site.
  • Strategy. The new website allows for us to better track our digital marketing efforts and make adjustments “on the fly” based on what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Media. People are talking about Eagle and the new site has a media section with links to articles published and press releases written. I can’t possibly keep up with all the ink we’re getting, so if you see a story about Eagle, go ahead and send me the link.

Please take a spin through the new site and let me know what you think! As we do a better job at attracting visitors to our town, it’s good for business!
Amy Cassidy
Marketing & Events Coordinator, Town of Eagle