Since our Co-working-survey we have continued our research and looked at several promising spaces in Eagle. These discussions continue.

What is Co-Working?

After years of working out of our homes, in coffee shops, and in rented, often isolated offices, Co-Working has emerged as a new workplace model that caters to the habits, culture, and lifestyle of the independent worker and remote employee (telecommuter).

Co-Working is much more than shared office space. As a growing share of the Colorado workforce gravitates toward “independent” and off-site work, Co-Working spaces are becoming important places for freelancers to gather, connect, and get work done. With its high rates of entrepreneurship, innovation, and independence – paired with an outstanding quality of life – Colorado is already seeing a rapid growth of Co-Working spaces. These are now starting to appear in our mountain communities.

If we can prove Co-Working to be needed and financially viable in Eagle, CO, we believe it will greatly benefit our community and local businesses.

On Tuesday June 23rd, at our next Eagle Chamber Networking Breakfast, we will briefly present our findings to date, and seek more input from those present. Armed with your feedback we will be able to complete our feasibility study and, we hope, move forward with a Business Plan that will bring Co-Working to Eagle.