This was the title of an intriguing article this week in the New York Times.  National media covering a novel initiative in Steamboat Springs, CO? Yep!

It all started last year with the realization that, although the Chamber President knew “We’re such a friendly town,” yet survey results showed otherwise.

I began to wonder: “what if this was about Eagle“?! What if we are not as friendly, welcoming and customer-service-oriented as we like to think?

What if a future article, like this, DID feature little ol’ Eagle?! What if, some of these words appeared, applied and rang true?

“… a group of business owners made an unusual decision — to give the whole town customer-service training.”

“Pointing to Disney as an example of excellence, he talked about going the extra mile, for example, by walking a lost visitor to a location instead of just pointing in the right direction.”

“You’re trying to exceed expectations a little bit in each interaction. It’s not about becoming B.F.F.s with each person who comes in right out of the gate, but moving the needle a little.”

“We teach people how to have that proper conversation with a guest or client. In an ideal interaction at a hardware store, (for example) you talk me through a project, and in the process maybe you find out that I have two kids and we both like golf. And you’re calling me by name.”

“With this success, the emphasis on connecting with customers spread around the [town], and soon people in town began to notice a difference.”