An excellent article appeared this week in the Vail Daily entitled Retiring to Colorado? The author, Judson Haims, got me thinking with these statistics:

“Here in Eagle County, census data states that from 2010 to 2020 we will experience a growth rate of 157 percent in persons over the age of 65 (3,005 people to 7,721 people). The statistics become a bit more shocking for the years 2010 to 2030 as they demonstrate a growth rate estimated at 333 percent (3,005 people to 12,998 people). 

Preparing our communities for this growth is going to pose some challenges. Tax revenues, medical offerings, housing, land planning, parks and recreation, and transportation are just a few of the factors that will need to be addressed. Our communities are going to need to become active partners with our policy makers in order to develop a sustainable plan to develop a ‘healthy community.’”

Inside every opportunity lies a challenge. Inside every challenge lies an opportunity. It all depends on whether you see the glass as half full (and the other half was delicious!), or not.

I am “one of them” – I turn 68 this month – a first year baby boomer. So I have some perspective on living in Eagle past 65 ‘years of youth’; aka I’m a proud ‘primetimer’!

We, your Eagle Chamber of Commerce (with our business hats on), will continue to work closely with the Town of Eagle (that has never been more ‘business friendly’) to prepare for both the challenges and the opportunities of the coming decades.

Your input is welcome!

Mick Daly
Eagle Chamber Board Director (and all round ‘meddler’!)