The Economic Council of Eagle County’s 2013 Workforce Report, just published, gives a clear view of what local businesses are thinking about the year ahead.

Past year survey information and other local economic indicators are available at

Major takeaways from this year’s survey:

  • The cautious optimism of last year has given rise to a hopeful outlook for 2013. Survey respondents see improving trends both for their own businesses and for the county as a whole.
  • Housing showed up on the radar as a workforce issue in 2012 after an absence of a few years.  The concern is heightened this year: employers feel that housing issues are re-emerging in an improved economic cycle.
  • Providing health insurance for employees continues to be a major challenge.
  • Companies throughout the valley provide a variety of workforce wellness options, including accommodations for breastfeeding, access to on- or off-site exercise facilities, and fitness possibilities during the work day.
  • Layoffs have hit bottom, it’s harder to find employees, and there are some vacant positions.  Strengthening existing businesses, as well as diversifying the economy, are on the minds of business owners throughout the valley.