12/17/2012 Eagle Chamber of Commerce is on the Move!

New Programs, Benefits and Staff Poise the Eagle Chamber, and it’s Members for Success

Eagle, CO … Normally the spin on a local Chamber of Commerce would be the typical blah, blah, blah.

However, thanks to aggressive efforts of members of the Board of the Eagle Chamber, the organization is undertaking a business strategy designed to create more value for its members and provide new measures to promote the business community.

It all starts with a brand new Eagle Chamber office located at the Town of Eagle Town Hall.  The Chamber approached Town Manager Willy Powell with a request to utilize a vacant office on the first floor of the beautiful Eagle Town Hall building.  The proposal was presented to the Eagle Town

Board of Trustees and approved recently.  From a practical standpoint, having the Chamber near the Town Manager’s office and EagleOutside’s office, the Town’s tourism and marketing entity, makes a great deal of sense.

Equally as important is the recent announcement of Taylor Slaugh as the Eagle Chambers’ new Administrator. Taylor brings a wealth of marketing and promotional experience and her initial priorities will be to become familiar with the Chamber’s existing membership and promote the addition of new members to the Chamber.

It’s also important to mention that the Chamber is currently involved with the redesign of its website.  The main features of the site will be not only to promote our members and provide marketing opportunities for them, but also a directory of members, sort able alphabetically and by category, as well as links back to members’ website.  It will also provide a schedule of Eagle Chamber events and link to The Town of Eagle and EagleOutside websites.

The Eagle Chamber has also launched its Buy Local campaign for the purpose of building awareness of the importance to support local businesses. It’s a fact and national independent research has concluded that Buy Local campaigns actually produce an increase in local Chamber member sales.

Armed with a detailed business and financial plan and an enthusiastic group of members, the Eagle Chamber has clearly embarked on a new track.


The Eagle Chamber’s mission is to promote the Town of Eagle’s business community, as well as, businesses who do business in the Town of Eagle, in an effort to encourage economic prosperity for our members and our community.  Interested in learning more about the Eagle Chamber of Commerce and its membership opportunities? Please contact the Eagle Chamber office 970.306.2262.

For Immediate Release
Taylor Slaugh | Eagle Chamber of Commerce
970.306.2262 | tslaugh@eaglechamber.co