Our SPEAKER SERIES features monthly Breakfast Briefings at the Colorado Workspace Community Room in the Dusty Boot.

Each month we showcase an engaging speaker from our membership with a topic of real value to our members.

Our breakfast sponsor (different each month) may have a banner on display to promote their business and will have 5 minutes to describe their business to the audience.

On the first Tuesday each month, from 7:45-9:15 am, breakfast will be served, and a Chamber Member speaker will educate (and entertain) us.

Below are the handouts from each speaker:


  • Jan 8: Goals & Motivation – Mick Daly, Juice Plus+  presentation slides –  personal mission statement guide
  • Feb 5: Demystifying IT – Thomas Boyken, Forward Tech Solutions presentation slides
  • Mar 5: Small Business Resources – Stan Kensinger, Business Advocacy Council and Jim Olp, SBDC presentation slides
  • Apr 2: Revitalizing Eagle – Bill Shrum, Assistant to Eagle’s Town Manager presentation slides
  • May 7: Building Wealth in your Business – Chris Gallegos, WestCade Capital presentation slides
  • June 4: Marketing in 2020; a Paradigm Shift – Nicky Asselin, Amy Ciszek and Nancy Crego presentation slides
  • July 2: Marketing 201 – Michelle Friedman, KZYR/KKVM & Mick Daly, Juice Plus+ presentation slides  storybrand video
  • Aug 6: Interviewing & Hiring for your Culture – Aryn Schichtling, Eagle County
  • Sep 3: Broadband for Eagle (THOR project +) – Kyle Blakely, HR Green
  • Oct 1: Social Media Marketing – Yvonne Schwartz, Yoga off Broadway
  • Nov 5: Effective Human Resources – Teresa Friel, HRPlus
  • Dec 3: Protecting Your Family Jewels – Michelle Sylvain, Sylvain DuBois LLC
  • Jan 7:Networking for Success (without Fear!) – Michelle Friedman, KZYR